What is Support your school?

Support your school is a free fundraising platform for schools. We enable schools to raise funds from parents and local businesses to support children's literacy.

How does Support your school work?

Step 1 - Register your school.

Step 2 - Set up your campaign.

Step 3 - Share your campaign page with parents and local businesses so that they can donate to your campaign.

Step 4 - Once you hit your campaign target, you can purchase those much-needed resources for your school from Peters, the UK’s leading specialist children's book and furniture supplier to schools and academies.

Step 5 - Thank your donors and show them the impact their donation has made to the children at your school.

Who runs Support your school?

Support your school is a trading subsidiary of Peters Limited, a specialist children’s book and furniture supplier.

Does it cost anything to join Support your school?

No. Not a penny.

Who can create a campaign?

Each school will have an administrator who can create campaigns and post updates. This could be a member of the Senior Leadership Team, a Business Manager, Bursar, Literacy Lead, Librarian or even a member of your PTA.

What types of campaign can I start?

Support your school is all about encouraging children to read for pleasure in a safe, friendly environment. Take a look at our suggestions of what to fundraise for or even ask your pupils or their parents for ideas. 


How much can I raise?

There is no limit to the amounts you can raise. Some campaigns may be for a small collection of books and some might be for a complete library.

What happens if I hit my fundraising target before the completion date?

Keep going! If you do raise more than your target amount, we will contact you to see how you wish to use the additional funds.

What happens if a campaign does not achieve its target?

We will contact the school and discuss the best way of either raising additional funds or spending the funds that have been donated.  The funds are held for the schools so the money is not lost.

How do people make a donation?

Donations can be made via the school's campaign website address. Donations can be made using a credit or debit card via a secure portal.

Is the value of a donation made public?

Not automatically. The donor will have the choice to decide whether their name and contribution should be displayed on the website, or if it is displayed as an anonymous donation.

When will a donor be charged?

The credit or debit card will be charged at the time of making the donation via the secure portal. 

I've forgotten my password. How can I log in?

You can reset your password by clicking the 'reset your password' link on the login page. You will be sent an email which contains a link to gain access to your account.